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Tips to have the best skin on your wedding day

There are many habits that you can benefit your life daily routine that will improve your physical and emotional well-being as well as the look of your skin.

Your skin is your biggest organ, that is why if you have something not so good happening inside your body it usually tends to reveal itself in the skin with the appearance of pimples, spots and dehydration, etc…

So, if you’re feeling healthy and good inside, your skin is going to look its best on the outside.

This are the tips that I would like to share with you:

. Drink lots of water (2L per day is what is recommended) – Our body is made of 70% of water and the skin is our biggest organ, that is why if we are dehydrated it is going to show automatically in our skin.

. Try to have a balanced diet based on vegetables, fruit and fiber-rich foods because you are what you eat.

. Practice physical exercise- When you sweaty our skin releases toxins helping the renovation of the superficial cutaneous layers and it stimulates your blood circulation, giving your skin more oxygen.

. Try to sleep at lest 7 to 8 hours per night, that is why you hear the “sleeping beauty” expression, so often!

. Try to have a skincare regiment every day in the morning and at night.

. Don’t go to sleep without removing your makeup first.

. Avoid alcohol, smoking and fried food.

. Try to do a face mask at least once a week.

. Change your bedding frequently, specially your pillow covers, your pillow covers accumulate the sweat, sebum a dirtiness that your skin releases through out the night, changing your pillow covers several times per week is going to prevent your skin from pimples and clogged pores.

. Try to have a facial done with frequency. I know that it can be very expensive but in an ideal world you should do treatments to your skin every month, if you can’t commit to that, try to be creative and give your skin an at home spa applying face masks and exfoliating your skin twice a week.

Iff you’re trying to find a facialist in Lisbon, this is the one that I recommend:

. Book a consultation with your dermatologist annually even if you think that you don’t have any specific problem at the moment, your doctor can give you advice and diagnose any problems that you may not have noticed.


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