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How to make a veil that will make you feel happier

The veil! This is with no doubt the most traditional accessory of a bride’s look! Studies reveal that 80% of brides like you want to wear a veil on your wedding day.

However, no one tells us the inconveniences about wearing it when applied in a traditional way on the bride’s hairstyle. Let’s point some of them:

. If the bride wants to have her hair completely loose, it is necessary to create a base with bobby pins with back-combed hair close to the hair roots where the veil is going to be applied to create grip, otherwise, the veil will slip off the hair because it doesn’t have anything that holds it.

. Your veil is usually very heavy, while walking, you are going to feel the heaviness of the veil dragging on the floor on your head.

. The process of applying your veil with a tradicional hair comb is a little bit painful because the hair comb that it is sew to the veil crosses the bobby pins that were previously applied on the hairstyle giving the feeling that something is pulling the hair.

. When it is time to take your veil off (usually right before having dinner) the process of removing the veil it is going to undo a little bit of your hairstyle because while the hair comb is being withdrawn it is going to bring some bits of your hair and bobby pins that where there to hold your hairstyle (it is always helpful to have someone with you to help you with this process of re-applying the bobby pins and the bits of your hair that came off with the comb of the veil).

. If you want to apply the veil inverted  (underneath the updo), it will take the risk of your veil slip off the hair because the comb will be in favor of the law of gravity.

Ok, I know…Be calm! Don’t worry! Please don’t feel stressed out after reading this because I’m about to give you the solution that (in my opinion) is going to help with the application and removal  of your veil and will give you more comfort while you’re using it!

One day, while I was working on a wedding, I came across with a new type of veil that consisted of an accessory different from the traditional hair comb that you usually sew to the veil fabric. My first reaction was: “Wow! This is completely innovative and genius! Why didn’t anyone think about this idea before?”.

Sadly, until now, that was the one and only time that I saw a veil being made that way.

That’s why I’m here today! To make you know that there is a way of making a veil that will make you feel more comfortable and happier on the most importante day of your life.

I hope that in the near future, we can see this new way of making a veil becoming the new fashion and give a rest to the good hold hair comb, that has already had its days.

How many times did you hear me the word “veil” in this post? Anyway! Let’s talk about what’s important, go you:

So, the great innovation that I have to show you is nothing more than the “tic-tac” clips that you can see in the image above. And you are probably thinking: “Are you serious? Just this?” and I would tell you: “ Yes, as simple as this!”

If you have already used any kind of tic-tac hair extensions these clips might be familiar to you, they are used in these type of extensions to hold them to your natural hair roots.

If you take a closer look at them you will notice that they have a silicone band that will help you hold everything when it’s attached to your hair.

You can buy these clips in any hairstyling professional store, especially in the ones that sell tic-tac hair extensions.

You can have them made in various different colors depending on your hair color or type of material you are going to have in your hair accessories.

Finally, you just need to ask your seamstress to sew the clips in the same place where the traditional hair comb used to be placed. Make sure you have more than one clip sewed in that place (at least 3 or 4) to make sure that it holds the heaviness of your veil.

And that’s it! Say “goodbye” to the discomfort of applying, wearing and removing your veil and say “welcome” to an unlimited application, and more important than that, you being a happier bride!


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