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How to choose the makeup for your wedding day

To choose the best makeup for you, including your choice of the hairstyle, there are a few steps that will make your choice more easier:

. The first step is the same as the hairstyle, try to find images of makeup that you would like to try on your trial day.

. While you´re selecting your images you should consider:

.Skin color: Choose an image of a makeup that was done in a skin with a similar color tone as your skin tone. The colors that are chosen for a makeup look for a certain skin color can look completely different on a person that has a very different skin tone.

   . Eye color: Your eye color can also influence the appearance of the colors that are chosen for your makeup look. Make sure you find a picture with makeup that was done on a person that has the same eye color as you.

.Eye shape: Don’t worry! I’m not going to make you know every eye shape that exists and make you identify your type of eye-shape, that is the job of your professional that you hire. I’m just going to suggest that you take into account that certain techniques that are applied on certain eye shapes may not look good on a different eye shape, the most common one being the application of eyeliner. If you’re not sure that a certain type of technique is going to have the best result on your eye shape, feel free to ask your makeup-artist before you apply it on your trial day to know what best suits your eye-shape.

 Finally, The colors applied in your makeup can look a little bit different in pictures for lots of reasons, eg: light, filter, flash etc… Photography also takes a percentage of the brightness of your makeup colors. You should talk to your makeup-artist and decide if you would like to have your colors applied with more intensity to make sure that they show up more in pictures, or if you prefer applying them more softly to feel more comfortable on the day instead of you feeling worried about the way that your makeup colors are going to appear in your pictures. And remember, the most important thing is that you feel the happiest on your special day!


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