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How to prepare yourself for the trial day

. Do your daily skin routine on the morning of the trial day.

. Avoid wearing your makeup before the trial on your trial day. If you start the trial with makeup that was previously applied on your face, the first step is to remove that makeup because it can be a little overwhelming for your skin because you’re going to apply more makeup after that, this process can make your skin more sensitive and the makeup that is going to be applied after that may not perform well, specially foundation and concealer! So make sure you apply your daily moisturizer before and go with your face bare for the best results!

. If you are used to doing skin masks and weekly skin exfoliation, try doing it the night before your makeup trial, this is going to help you prepare your skin to receive your makeup and it is going to give you a more flawless look.

. Wash your hair the night before the trial (if your hair is very dry) or in the same day of the trial (if your hair is very oily).

. Having your eyebrows done is a fundamental step to make your makeup look more polished so make sure you have them done a couple days before your trial day.

. Try to wear a piece of white clothing (it can be a top, t-shirt, blouse, jumper, cardigan). The color of your clothing can also influence the appearance of your makeup and hair look and if you choose white, it is going to give you a closer idea of how it is going to look with your white wedding dress.


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