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How to take care of your skin

Everyday, I try to explain the importance of skincare in relation to your makeup.

You can’t achieve a flawless makeup look without your skin being well treated.

You can hire the best makeup artist in the world, buy the best foundation in the world, buy the most expensive concealer, or powder that is formulated with a new amazing technology, but if you don’t follow your daily skincare routine that is going to make your skin glowing and hydrated, none of this makeup products are going to give you the results that they promise.

A good skincare regiment is the key for you to achieve a flawless makeup look. You’re not going to achieve that skin if you start just 1 or 2 months before your wedding day, it needs to be something that you implement on your daily basis every morning and evening as soon as you can. True beauty comes from the little steps that you make daily maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing that you should do is to book a consultation with a dermatologist, a doctor that is specialized in skin health to give you the best advice and can prescribe you a skin regiment according to your skin type. If you have any skin problem like acne or eczema then going to your doctor is a priority!

This is the daily skincare that I can recommend you to do:

Morning routine

. 1º - Skin cleansing

Cleaning your skin is the first step of your skincare regiment. Cleansing removes the sweat, sebum, dirtiness and makeup, preparing your skin for the next steps. Your clean skin will absorb the active ingredients of the skincare products better so you should apply it at the beginning.

You should clean your skin with a gel or mousse suitable to your skin type. The product should be applied in circular motion insisting in the areas that have the tendency to accumulate more dirtiness: forehead, nose and chin.

. 2º - Toner

The application of your toner allows the removal of any residues left by the cleanser. The toner helps to purify your skin, balances pH and promotes the concentration of your pores preparing your skin to receive the moisturizer, sun protection and makeup.

. 3º - Eye cream

If your concealer has a tendency to dry giving an appearance of dry eye circles and giving more evidence to the fine lines that you have in this area, that’s probably because the skin around your eyes is very dehydrated and requires special attention.

Eye creams are usually more delicate than face moisturizers, that is why you should apply your eye cream first ensuring that it’s nutrients are going to be easily absorbed.

.4º - Serums/oils:

The serum can be chosen according with your skin needs. Nowadays you can find serums for every skin condition, for exemple: oily skin treatment, dry skin treatment, treatment for wrinkles, acne, dehydration, lack of luminosity, pigmentation etc…

You can apply more than one serum depending on the results that you would like to achieve, the only thing that you need to know is that you should apply the serums first that have a lighter consistency, for exemple the ones that have more concentration in water should be applied first rather than the ones that have a thicker oily consistency.

.5º - Moisturizer:

Your moisturizer should be chosen according with your skin type. The moisturizer will seal up all the other layers that you’ve applied before ensuring that your skin stays hydrated and protected.

.6º - Sunscreen:

 Sunscreen is an indispensable product in your skincare routine, it prevents the consequences of your exposure to solar radiation like spots on the skin, skin aging or even skin cancer.

Sunscreen is going to make your skin glowing and youth-full for longer.

Night Routine

.1º - First Cleansing

Your first cleansing has the purpose of removing all the superficial dirtiness that has been accumulated on your skin through out the day and also the makeup that you’ve applied.

Your makeup should be removed with a makeup remover suitable to your skin type.

.2º - Cleansing

Your second cleansing is the same as the one that you did in the morning and you can do it with the same product that you’ve used in your morning cleansing. 

.3º - Exfoliation

Your exfoliator is extremely important to deeply purify pores, absorb excess oil, and leave skin soft, smooth, and healthy-looking.

You should apply it 1-3 times per week in circular motion.

.4º - Eye Cream

You can use the same cream that you’ve applied in the morning.

.5º - Serums/oils

You can apply the same serums that you’ve applied in your morning routine or you can  change them to other serums with different treatments. For exemple: you can use a serum to give your skin more luminosity in the morning and one serum that prevents the appearance of wrinkles at night.

.6º - Moisturizer

You can apply the same moisturizer that you’ve applied in your morning routine or if this contains SPF, try change for another one at night.


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